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Do you deal with chronic pain? Are you searching for something to ease achy muscles? Cannabis salves may help! Casco Bay Cannabis Company makes top-quality salves and cream infused with cannabis oil. Since they're made from pure concentrates, users often report an overall improvement in pain.

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Common misconceptions about cannabis cream

Common misconceptions about cannabis cream

Cannabis cream is a bit of a mystery to those unfamiliar with medicinal hemp. Here at Casco Bay Cannabis Company, we're committed to breaking the stigma behind cannabis one product at a time. Please find below a few frequently asked questions and trustworthy answers:

Can cannabis cream get you high? THC or CBD cannabis cream is commonly used for pain relief. Unlike smoking or ingesting flower, topicals don't trigger hallucinations or a buzzed feeling.
How often can I use cannabis cream? Cannabis cream is safe to use daily or as needed.
Do I need a prescription for cannabis cream? We suggest speaking with your doctor before adding cannabis to your wellness routine.

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